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Microscope lens

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Note: This lens will vignette with the Chronos 2.1-HD. Our team is currently looking for lens alternatives to fit the Chronos 2.1-HD sensor. It should be available soon on our web store.

This microscope lens offers extreme close up shots without the lens getting too close to the subject. Includes 0.5x and 2x barlow lenses to adjust focus distance and magnification.

Focus distance (front of lens to subject):
0.5x barlow: 170mm
No barlow: 100mm
2x barlow: 30mm

Field of view (width, 2/3" sensor):
0.5x barlow --- 9mm to 57mm
No barlow --- 4mm to 27mm
2x barlow --- 2mm to 13mm

Usage notes: This lens does not have a focus control, the camera or subject must be moved to obtain focus. The aperture is relatively narrow, a large amount of light is needed for proper exposure. When zoomed out, the image circle doesn't fully cover the image sensor of Chronos 1.4. See the gallery for an example of this.

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