Frequently asked questions

Where do you sell and ship to?

We will sell and ship Chronos cameras worldwide, except the following countries for which fall under Canada's export control regulations for high-speed cameras:
■ Belarus
■ Iran
■ North Korea
■ Ukraine
■ There are several countries that have strict import laws. Please check with your country’s import procedures if you are unsure about shipping the Chronos to your country. Shipments to Russia must be to a company due to strict new import regulations, shipments cannot be made to individuals.

Can I order via a Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes, contact to place an order via quote/PO. We can also provide an invoice if you order from the online store.

Does it cost more to have my camera drop shipped or if I have extraneous documentation?

Yes. We provide our product at the best possible price and we do offer our product online at no additional cost for handling. If you are needing supplier forms filled, drop shipping, third party shipping, or if we need to research what boker you are using, there will be an additional charge

Does Chronos 1.4 come with a warranty?

Yes, a 1-year warranty is included. Additional warranty coverage and full repair service and replacement parts are also available. Check the online store for pricing.

What do you offer for support?

We have a dedicated email that will be monitored hourly but for those need to know now requests, you can call in +1 (778) 819-1182. Do remember we are in the Lower Mainland area in British Columbia, Canada and may not be in the office at the time of the call if you are calling from a different timezone.

Is there software I need to install on my computer to edit or view footage?

No, the Chronos 1.4 is able to display footage and basic editing can be done on the camera. Files are encoded with an MP4 file format so that dropping files into any editing software is possible.

How will I know about software updates?

We will post on our social media and website blog

Can I get a promotional camera?

We are currently at capacity for camera sales. We are not looking for more promotional material.

Can I become a distributor or reseller?

We do not offer a distributor program at the moment. All camera sales are made directly through Kron Technologies. We do not encourage resellers as we do not drop ship and we provide our support directly to the customer, not through a third party.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer volume discounts for orders over five cameras (see our Resale Agreement). We do not offer any educational or promotional discounts as we are currently offering our camera at an extremely competitive rate. We keep the camera’s cost low overall so that everyone can afford it.

Are support and software updates an additional cost?

No, they are free with the one year warranty. If there are any questions about how to upgrade software or if there are any concerns about the Chronos, email

Where will my camera ship from?

All orders are shipped from our facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

My camera is stuck in customs. What do I do?

If your shipment is stuck in customs, please call the courier and ask to talk to them about customs clearance. Tell them the issue you are having and give them the shipment tracking number. They will provide you with instructions. For Fedex or DHL shipments to the USA, this usually involves filling out and submitting a 5106 form to an agent ID email address that they will give you over the phone. For shipments outside the USA and Canada, procedures vary, ask the courier what you need to do.

For USA shipments, if you submit the 5106 customs form to us as directed in the order confirmation email, it is included in the shipment and there are usually no customs issues at all.

What is a 5106 form?

It is a importer ID form required by the CBP for items that total over $2500 USD.

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