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We will sell and ship Chronos cameras worldwide, except the following countries for which fall under Canada's export control regulations for high-speed cameras:
■ Iran
■ North Korea
■ Ukraine
■ There are several countries that have strict import laws. Please check with your country’s import procedures if you are unsure about shipping the Chronos to your country. Shipments to Russia must be to a company due to strict new import regulations, shipments cannot be made to individuals.

■ Fulfillments to South Korea are now handled by our designated distributor Hanbek Corporation. Their teams offer on-site technical support, rental units, have demonstration high speed cameras on hand, and will be taking Chronos camera orders on behalf of Kron Technologies. Contact them at and check out their website for more information.

We ship worldwide and our preferred carrier typically deliver within 2 to 5 business days based on the country of destination (excluding potential customs delays) when using our recommended shipping option. This is the quickest and easiest option. We also offer FCA shipping methods.

Additional details when using FCA shipping option:

Kron Technologies will charge a $20 USD processing fee when using a customer's DHL or FedEx shipping account and $100 USD processing fee for other couriers. In that case, the shipping terms will be FCA (Free Carrier) and introduce an additional 1 day delay in processing.

Please note that Kron Technologies will not ship via UPS due to reliability issues in the past.

If you require Kron Technologies to communicate with your freight forwarder, (take care of the details for you), we will charge an additional $100USD.

Multiple boxed shipments may carry extra fees. Typically $5 USD – 10$ USD

All orders are shipped from our facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

If your shipment is stuck in customs, please call the courier and ask to talk to them about customs clearance. Tell them the issue you are having and give them the shipment tracking number. They will provide you with instructions. For Fedex or DHL shipments to the USA, this usually involves filling out and submitting a 5106 form to an agent ID email address that they will give you over the phone. For shipments outside the USA and Canada, procedures vary, ask the courier what you need to do.

For USA shipments, if you submit the 5106 customs form to us as directed in the order confirmation email, it is included in the shipment and there are usually no customs issues at all.

It is a importer ID form required by the CBP for items that total over $2500 USD.

We provide our products at the best possible price either online or via an invoice at no additional cost. If you are needing supplier forms filled, drop shipping, third party shipping, or if we need to research what broker you are using, there will be an additional charge defined on a case by case basis.

Camera use

The Chronos 2.1-HD supports Nikon F, Canon EF, PL and C mount lenses with the appropriate adapter. CS-C and Nikon F adapters are included with each order. Note that most of the lenses offered on our web store will vignette with the Chronos 2.1-HD except the Fujian 35mm f/1.7 prime lens. Our team is currently working on sourcing and offering more appropriate lens options to offered very soon, stay tuned!

The Chronos 1.4 preferably supports CS mounts and C mounts lenses (adapter included in the box) due to its lower resolution than the Chronos 2.1-HD but can also use larger and higher quality lenses. Most of the lenses currently on the website will fit the Chronos 1.4 perfectly at the exception of the 6-60mm f/1.7 zoom lens and 2.8-12mm f/1.4 zoom lens that will vignette a bit. 

The case of the chronos 1.4 and Chronos 2.1-HD have a native CS mount not swappable at the moment. To be followed...!

Yes, Chronos fully supports video out with or without camera menus. This enables the use of external displays.

Please ensure that you are using a software version equal or above 0.3.1. 

When Chronos saves, it takes the saved data from the high speed RAM and moves it onto the SSD, SD card, USB or other external device. Having a high quality storage device can help reduce saving time to an extent. It is recommended to use a class 10 SD card at minimum for instance.

Full resolution H264 (mp4) save speed is 60fps and CinemaDNG save speed via eSATA is 12fps for the Chronos 2.1-HD and 18 fps for the 1.4.

The fastest way to save a recording externally is to an SSD hardrive using eSATA. Then comes USB (nearly 2 times slower) and finally an SD card (almost 3 times slower than SSD). 

The Chronos cameras can be triggered remotely in multiple ways:

  1. With a manual switch through BNC (item sold here)
  2. With an electrical signal send through the different connectors (BNC, Phoenix)
  3. Connecting the camera with an Ethernet cable and internet connection and triggering it through a web interface via your phone, tablet or computer (more details right here). To do so, you need to use the software version 0.4.0 or above.

We recommend recordings above 1000fps happening indoor to be accompanied with proper flicker-free lights. A great brand we recommend is Godox! They provide affordable and high quality LEF lighting options. The amount of light needed depends on the whole setup: type of lens, shutter speed, frame rate, distance from the event and more.

The higher you go in frame rate the more light you will need.

Check it these light options we offer:

Godox 200W

Godox 100W

Godox 60W

Our team is always happy to assist you and provide recommendations.

For advise on which lens currently offered on our store would fit your case better, you can start by checking this online lens calculator and testing different configurations (distance, aperture, focal length) and see how it affects your field of view. We have also included some photo samples with each lens item on our store, a scale and color checker for a better idea.

If more assistance is needed feel free to contact

Great news: yes you can!

We have recently partnered with the Australian company Salty Surf Housing who offers a great customizable water housing that has been designed specifically for the Chronos cameras. Check it out at

Chronos uses a ring buffer which allows it to sit in the record state indefinitely. If you don’t know when the event you are trying to capture will happen, you can keep Chronos pointed at the subject area and recording until the event happens. The way this works is by over writing the previous recorded footage when the RAM has been used up. Once the event happens and is over, you can hit stop recording and Chronos will save the last bits of footage leading up to the event. The amount of time that is saved varies on frame rate, resolution and the RAM size of the unit.

This feature is extremely useful. For example; you are trying to make a popcorn seed explode on camera but you don’t know when exactly it is going to happen. Given the resolution and frame rate your settings are at, you have 10 seconds of record time at these settings on your unit. You set Chronos to record and wait for the seed to explode. 120 seconds later the seed explodes and lands out of frame as expected. You then stop the recording and the last 10 seconds of footage is saved to the ring buffer in the RAM and is ready to be reviewed live and saved to your external storage device. There is no need to wait and be lighting fast on the trigger and no need to sit through hours of footage leading up to the event. Even though the entire recorded amount of footage was 10 seconds, in your case, you only need the last 3 seconds of the event saved. You then select which part you want saved and the rest is discarded all right on Chronos with no additional software.

No, the Chronos 1.4 is able to display footage and basic editing can be done on the camera. There is no proprietary software for post processing provided by Kron Technologies that would require to pay for a license. 

Below are some software solutions we recommend for editing:

Free software
Davinci Resolve (our preferred solution)
Open Shot
Microsoft Photos

Final Cut Pro X
Davinci Resolve (there is a paid upgrade for more in depth colour and 3D tools)
Lightworks (there is a paid upgrade for more in depth tools)
Adobe Premiere


We will announce software update on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as our blog posts and newsletter. 

To subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay informed of major changes and announcements visit

We have a dedicated email that will be monitored hourly but for those need to know now requests, you can call in +1 (778) 819-1182. Do remember we are in the Lower Mainland area in British Columbia, Canada and may not be in the office at the time of the call if you are calling from a different timezone.

No, they are free with the one year warranty. If there are any questions about how to upgrade software or if there are any concerns about the Chronos, email

We are currently working on adding multiple languages to the UI. As we roll out this update we will be adding more and more translations. Let us know what language you want to see next!


Yes, a 1-year hardware warranty is included. Additional warranty coverage and full repair service and replacement parts are also available. Check the online store for pricing.

Please fill out a quotation request form and a team member will get back to you within 24 hours. There are two options for getting a quote:

1/ Filling out this online quote request form 


2/ Sending your purchase order to

Yes, contact to place an order via quote/PO. We can also provide an invoice if you order from the online store.

We are currently at capacity for camera sales. We are not looking for more promotional material.

We do not offer a distributor program at the moment. All camera sales are made directly through Kron Technologies. We do not encourage resellers as we do not drop ship and we provide our support directly to the customer, not through a third party.

We offer volume discounts for orders over five cameras (see our Resale Agreement). We do not offer any educational or promotional discounts as we are currently offering our camera at an extremely competitive rate. We keep the camera’s cost low overall so that everyone can afford it.

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