Chronos high-speed cameras suit a range of applications from R&D to Media Creation and everything in-between.

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Swing Analysis

High-Speed Cameras for Swing Analysis Chronos high-speed camera systems capture motion like no other camera. From baseball…

Product & Material Testing

High-speed Cameras for Product & Material Testing Chronos highspeed camera systems offer the portability, ease-of-use, and video…

Fluid Dynamics Slow-motion Captured on Chronos

Fluid Dynamics

High-Speed Cameras for Fluid Dynamics Physics and Engineering applications investigating Fluid Dynamics require reliable, high-resolution, high frame-rate…

Ballistics & Combustion

Ballistics & Combustion

High-speed Cameras for Ballistics & Combustion Chronos high-speed camera systems combine the high-resolution and framerates required to…

Advertising & Content Creation

High-speed Cameras for Content Creation Chronos high-speed cameras offer the functionality, resolution and ease-of-use that Content Creators…

Vibration Analysis

High-speed Cameras for Vibration Analysis Chronos high-speed camera systems offer the high-resolution and frame-rates that Vibration Analysis…