High-Speed Cameras and Equipment



  • Wild Life Action

  • Sports and Athletics Replay

  • 3D Modeling and Movement

  • Bullet Time Capture

  • Special effects

  • Slow motion replays

  • Science


  • Manufacturing troubleshooting

  • Spray analysis

  • Failure analysis

  • Bubble formation

  • Material flow studies

  • Combustion analysis

  • Automobile crash test

Technology has truly put the power in the hands of the creators. We now have the ability to make cinematic masterpieces focusing on the things that we love and inspire us. Our professional high-speed cameras are the ideal tools for gaining a new perspective on any project you create. The Chronos 2.1-HD and 1.4 will capture the most minute details of everything you film—no need to add slow motion effects with post-production software. See the difference in true high-speed image capturing. Kron Technologies carries all the essential professional high-speed cameras and products needed to tell the stories you want!

Chronos Camera Videos

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