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Chronos 2.1-HD - Preorder (Early Bird)


Chronos 2.1-HD - Preorder (Early Bird) CH21-HD-EB

This is the earlybird preorder for the Chronos 2.1-HD. This is an upcoming product, expected to ship summer 2019. A limited supply of 40 units is available. If this item is sold out, please see the regular preorder page for units shipping late fall 2019.

Important - The listed shipping date is our best estimate, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. Your preorder is fully refundable any time before shipment should you no longer want a camera, simply email to request order cancellation.

Chronos 2.1-HD features:

  • 2.1Gpx/s, Full HD 1920x1080 image sensor captures 1000fps, and up to 100 000fps at lower resolution. Available in color and monochrome.
  • 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory options for 2.5, 5 and 11 second record time respectively.
  • High sensitivity base ISO of 500 (Color) and 1000 (Monochrome) enables shooting with modest lighting.
  • Completely standalone, untethered operation with 1hr internal battery. Runs indefinitely on AC adapter.
  • Many lenses supported: Nikon F, Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds (passive) and C mounts available as field-swappable options.
  • Focus peaking highlights sharp edges for quick and perfect focus. Zebra lines help you set correct exposure.


  • Chronos 2.1-HD camera
  • Battery
  • Power supply (19V 40W, universal input)
  • Power cord (with location-appropriate plug)
  • CS to C mount lens adapter
  • Nikon F mount adapter (can be changed for another mount type)
  • User Manual
  • 32GB SD Card for saving video

US$ 5000 In stock
RAM Options 8 GB (0) 16GB (400) 32GB (1000)
Image Sensor Colour (0) Monochrome (0)
Warranty 1 Year (Included with purchase) (0) 2-year extension (3-year total) (440) 3-year extension (4-year total) (550)