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Aputure Fresnel lens

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This Bowens mount lens fits any Bowens compatible light, such as our Godox SL-100W and SL-200W. This lens is recommended for use where long throw and high light intensity is required, as well as applications where reducing stray light is important. The light intensity of our Godox SL-100W is increased 3.5x at 1m (3' 3") distance. This lens is primarily recommended for use with the SL-100W, the performance gains are less on the SL-200W

Performance when attached to Godox SL-100W:

DistanceDiameter Illuminated,
Zoomed in (FWHM)
Diameter Illuminated,
Zoomed out (FWHM)
zoomed in
Zoomed out
Frame Rate*
(Zoomed In)
Frame Rate*
(Zoomed Out)
25cm (10")8cm (3")
16cm215 000125 00031 000
18 000
50cm (20")13cm (5")25cm85 00057 000
12 000
9 500
1m (3' 3")28cm (11")42cm23 00018 0003 300
2 600
2m (6' 6")
56cm (22")84cm6 0004 500

Performance when attached to Godox SL-200W:
Note: On this light, there is no significant difference in intensity zoomed in vs zoomed out, due to the optical design of the light.

DistanceDiameter Illuminated
Frame Rate*
(Zoomed In)
25cm (10")18cm (7")250 00036 000
50cm (20")30cm (12")82 00012 000
1m (3' 3")52cm (21")25 000
3 600
2m (6' 6")104cm (3' 5")6 250

*These performance numbers are based on the Chronos 1.4 Color camera, set to 360 degree shutter, with an f/1.4 lens


  • One fresnel lens
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