Kron Technologies Staff Members


Founder and CEO


David is an electronics engineer specializing in digital systems, FPGAs, and image processing. He's worked at such companies as Delta-Q Technologies, Verisante, Mistywest, and Signal Laboratories. His passion for high-speed imaging began in 2006 after seeing the cool things Mythbusters were doing. Unable to afford a high-speed camera at the time, he set out to build his own, which ultimately lead to Chronos.

In his spare time, he makes science and engineering videos on his Youtube channel tesla500.



Product Engineering Manager


Stefany came to us after watching a crazy dude with cargo shorts and sandals talk about a Burnaby company called Kron Technologies. She saw the crazy bunch of nerds that populated the fifteen minute mini-documentary, and decided that was the place to be. Stefany is not a stranger to technology, start-ups, or just shenanigans in general. She has accomplished a lot and has a lot of quiet (and not so quiet) wisdom to offer.

Stefany is enjoying her west coast lifestyle here at Kron Technologies. She is also the mind behind the C256 Foenix project!


Software / User Interface Engineer

David R.

The guy trying to make the camera interface pretty and intuitive. The lone designery-type in the herd of low-level hardware engineers that is Krontech. Often swears at Inkscape, though he secretly loves it. As a hobby, David makes open-source games!

Check out his latest project at You can find him on the forums as David Roberts (DDR), Graphical Developer.


Software Engineer


Johan is an engineer-artist who loves technology. He has programmed everything from Game Boy games to music synthesizers and nuclear waste water-flow simulations. When he's not programming, he's composing music or building large interactive Burning Man electronic art installations or cooking Thai food. He is a serial entrepreneur/inventor, and is also into extreme sports film-making and owns his own bungee gear.


Electronics Engineer


During his youth, Ken was fascinated in how parts could come together to create beautiful creations. This leads to him graduating as an engineer. To build his experience, he starts his career in a 2-Ways radio design company. Currently, PCB design is now his new grounds, but still loves to build plastic models during his free time.  


Software Engineering Manager


Software engineer by day, and hardware tinkerer by night. He has a long career in wireless technology, network protocols and real time systems. He's known to have a particular fondness for cryptography, computer security and problems that venture into computational number theory.

In his spare time you might find him making hot sauce, praying to the church of GNU, or pretending to be an amateur race car driver.


Software EngineDebug & UI Engineer


Simon is David's brother and self-taught programmer who helps to implement new features in and debug the user interface on the camera using Qt. Simon enjoys racing and crashing with and without cheats in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

Check out his YouTube channel sparker599!


Embedded Software Engineer


Sanjay's passion for all things tech comes from his high school days of building robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. He went on to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering and has worked in Silicon Valley, as well as on his own startup ideas. When he's not busy bending software to his will, he enjoys cooking plant-based meals and going on road trips.


Hardware / FPGA Engineer


Matthew has been with us from the beginning of the Kickstarter. He is famously known for his pastries, code, love of sushi, and general tinkering abilities. Please do not leave shiny gears in the office area… Matthew has been known to be very interested in things both shiny and gear shaped.

He is the other half of David's brain. What David can't figure out Matthew most likely has the answers and vice versa.


Electronics Technologist


We think Kurt might have sneaked in when the bay doors were open one day. He came fully prepared with a tool kit and smile. Kurt is the calm in the sea of large personalities. His lends his focus to the healing bench making test jigs and wrestling with RMAs.

When not working for the Man (David?), Kurt works on his own electronics projects such as mechanical keyboards!


Electronics/Firmware Developer


Nicholas has a background developing robotics, embedded systems, and industrial control systems. He thrives on tackling challenging problems with technology that's always changing and has the expertise to design and tie together software, electronics, and hardware. He believes that there are thousands of ways to solve a problem, but the best ideas often take the most work to find and are only obvious after you’ve put in the work. Nicholas is both a movie nerd and the inventor of the first fully functional CNC sewing machine (that we know of). If you can't find him, check the basement; he's probably tinkering with a robot or rewatching old horror movies.



Operations Manager


She is the crazy person who runs around in the shadows, writing emails in the early mornings. Her background includes chef, network admin, and cat wrangler. Jack of all trades that never seems to remember to go home. If you ever email into info@ at 6 am and get an email back in less than 10 seconds… it’s probably Tabatha.


Business Administrative Assistant


STR: 10
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 17
WIS: 12
CHA: 9



Production Assistant


After spending 5 years in security, Ryan wanted a change in pace and found a newish start-up was the place to be. Now he spends his time assembling cameras and looking for deals on hardware.



Supply Chain Manager


Chris is busy using his experience in supply chain as a Material Coordinator, Purchaser, and Planner to support and improve processes at Kron Technologies.
His Bachelors of Science in Honours Biophysics helps him to think critically and produce results on a deadline. He enjoys volunteering and taking on lead roles for local conventions to give back to his community.
Chris’s strengths in logic, details, and organization are also used to make puns. Don’t get him started.


Warehouse Assistant


Kassidy moved from Saskatoon a few months after graduating high school and asked for a job helping out around the warehouse. She started out with cleaning and building boxes, but now handles most of the shipments, deliveries and inventory. You can usually find headphone, doodles and coffee at her work station. She’s not sure of what she wants to do in the future but hopes to continue to grow with her art.



Sales & Support Representative


Michael is working toward his BBA at Capilano University. He can often be found crashing drones into stuff, skiing and scuba diving. He is still thinking of a way to combine all three of those things. Until then, check out his drone league that you, (yes you) should totally join! vanwhoop


Sales & Marketing Manager


From an aerospace engineering background, Thomas has already lived in 4 different countries. He worked for the automotive industry as a sales engineer as his first shift. Eager for more invigorating adventures, Thomas got married and moved to Vancouver right before joining the herd as the only non-Canadian citizen. You can definitely find him at social events, conferences and workshops in town during his spare time, where he will share his own business ideas.

About The Company

Kron Technologies is a Canadian high-speed imaging system design and manufacturing company, located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Area. Kron Tech was founded by David Kronstein on the idea of making high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.