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Chronos Ring

Kron Technologies has developed the Chronos Ring to offer full 3D and volumetric measurement of high-speed events at ultrahigh frame rates. The Chronos Ring can be reconfigured with software to use any record mode‚ÄĒsynchronized, orbiting, staggered, and custom. The Chronos Ring is made to serve the film, broadcast, and sports industries with the ability to view slow-motion video from any perspective at any time. Up to 1 million fps (effective) can be had in a recording with the Chronos Ring when using the Orbit record mode. The Chronos Ring is currently available in these configurations:

Ring of 3m diameter - up to 48 cameras
Ring of 6m diameter - up to 96 cameras

Chronos ring
Chronos ring

Key features

  • Synchronized mode for high-speed video capture from all angles at any time
  • Orbiting mode for ultrahigh-speed imaging
  • Staggered recording mode for twice or more the frame rate of an individual camera by having only half or less of cameras expose at any time
  • Open-source HTTP API for communication between network server and cameras
  • Video alignment & post-processing with DaVinci Resolve and our interface
  • Personalized support for your project

More case studies coming soon!

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