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High-Speed Camera Lenses

Capture the world in a bold, new way with Kron Technologies’ high-speed camera lenses. Our camera lenses allow you to create stunning freeze frame images and mind-blowing slow-motion clips.

Our high-speed Chronos cameras are only fully operational with the right lenses. And so to make sure that you get the right Chronos camera lenses, we offer a broad range of fantastic lenses in our online store. Camera lenses that we have tested thoroughly to make sure that they work with our high-speed cameras.

We have a wide variety of choices: regular, all-purpose, wide angle, zoom, and prime lenses—all with our guarantee of great image quality. We also offer a microscope lens for extreme close-up shots to eliminate blurring, which is something that typically occurs when a lens comes in contact with a subject.

Kron Technologies Inc. has one goal: to make high-speed image capturing accessible to everyone. All our Chronos-compatible camera lenses will give you the same quality images as big-budget films or high-tech studios. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings, and get your hands on a high-speed imaging camera.

Kron High Speed Camera
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