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Great lighting for great high-speed cameras. Because when shooting with a high-speed camera, you need different lighting than with normal cameras. Lighting really is one of the most important aspects for getting good quality shots with high-speed cameras since the higher you go in frame rate, the more light you need.

But many people underestimate how much light they need. As the number of frames per seconds increases, the amount of light needed to get the same exposure also increases. So shooting at a frame rate of 1,000fps typically requires 6 times more light than a regular video camera needs at 24fps! Investing in a good high-speed camera light is crucial for getting the best quality images with your Chronos high-speed camera.

And we believe that the best high-speed camera lights are the Godox LED lights. We’ve tested a variety of brands and lights, but we had to eliminate many of them as the frequency of these lights was not high enough for our high-speed cameras and we experienced flickering. Godox LED lights really came out on top because they are affordable, are extremely reliable, and offer the best quality images with our Chronos cameras. And the fact that these are LED lights is another bonus! LED lights are less expensive and last a longer time.

We’ve selected the best Chronos-compatible camera lights as well as lighting accessories for our online store.

High speed camera lights
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