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Kron Technologies is a Canadian high-speed imaging system design and manufacturing company, located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Area (British Columbia). Kron Tech was founded by David Kronstein who wanted to make high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.

When David was an engineering student in 2006, he was fascinated by the slow-motion imagery captured by Mythbusters and similar TV shows. David went on the hunt for a high-speed camera and soon found out that high-speed meant a high price tag. Frustrated with the lack of low-priced options, he embarked on the task of creating his own high-speed capture camera from scratch.

Kron high speed affordable camera

Ten years (and one very successful Kickstarter) later, David’s idea has evolved into Kron Technologies: a company with more than 20 employees that has sold over 3,000 high-speed cameras to customers from all over the world.

We are a company centered around the principles of making the wondrous world of high-speed imaging available to the masses. Our focus is providing a solid, fully-featured product at an affordable price. Our cameras feature open-source software, and no features are locked out in software, unlike most other manufacturers.

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