New Products, News | March 3, 2023

New Products Announcement: Godox Lighting and Accessories

Kron Technologies is pleased to announce we have expanded our line of lighting accessories with the powerful Godox SL300 III LED Light and Godox FLS8 Fresnel Lens.

The SL300III (link to product page) is a powerful 300-watt LED video light ideal for high-speed filming. It features a stable light source, high CRI and 8 FX modes. Powerful functions make it suitable for studio shooting, interview lighting, still life shooting and video shooting. Bluetooth-ready, this high-powered light works very well with Chronos highspeed cameras.

The FLS8 (link to product page) is a focusable optical accessory with Bowens mount that works with most Godox LED 8” lights. The inner diameter of the FLS8 is 8 inches (203mm), the adjustable light angle is 10″-40″. When collocating with video lights, the center illuminance of the FLS8 increases 3 (flood) to 19 (spot) times. Spotting light effect and flooding light effect are switchable by rotating the focusing dial. The Fresnel Attachment extends light, condenses, and increases illuminance when rotated clockwise. It retracts light, diffuses, and decreases illuminance when rotated counterclockwise. Includes attractive carrying case.

The FLS8 is compatible with Godox LED lights with a Bowens mount (except for M600D).

Learn more here.

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