Chronos 1.4 Resources

camUpdate-v0.3.2 Beta

Notable Changes:
- Automatic ADC calibration during black calibration, which should reduce column banding across a wider temperature range.
- Add a storage tab to the util menu to view, eject and format the attached storage devices.                                                                          - Speed boost at most resolutions, with a top speed of 1069fps at 1280x1024, and 40420fps at 320x96.                                                        - Configurable automated power-on and off depending on the AC adaptor status.

- Factory black calibration is now user accessible from the Factory tab of the util window.                                                                                    - The software update button has been moved to the storage tab of the util window.                                                                                        - Shipping mode to disable power-on by battery until an AC adaptor is attached.                                                                                                   - Add a watchdog to reboot the camera in case of power-on boot failure.

Fixed Bugs:
- Memory leak in the M3 video coprocessor which could lead to a crash after lots of H.264 encoding.                                                            - Ignore video which was recorded during black calibration.                    - Changes to exposure may be overwritten during black calibration.

Known Issues:
- After applying this update, software versions v0.3.1 and earlier may no longer be able to receive battery data or utilize the power button.

Installation instructions:

  • Extract the .zip file into the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
  • Turn on your camera and insert the USB drive.
  • From the main window, tap the Util button to open the utility window.
  • As a precaution, tap the Backup Calibration Data button on the utility window before starting the update.
  • When the backup is completed, a pop-up window will be displayed.
  • Tap the Done button to close the pop-up window.
  • From the utility window, tap the Apply Software Update button to begin the software update.
  • A warning message will be displayed, tap the Yes button to confirm and begin the update.
  • During the update, the screen will go blank and an Applying Update message will be displayed.
  • After approximately 60 seconds, the update will be complete and the camera will restart.