Chronos 1.4 Resources

If a software update fails or the camera becomes un-bootable for any reason, you can restore the software yourself without needing to send the camera in for service.

1. Download and install Win32DiskImager.
​2. Download the Chronos 1.4 V0.1 microSD card image.
3. Remove the Operation System (OS) microSD card from the camera.
This card is located at the top right of the ratings label on the bottom of the camera
Use an SD card, the 2mm allen key shipped with the camera, or another thin object to push and release the card, then pull it out.
4. Insert the card into a card reader attached to your computer
5. Open Win32DiskImager
6. Click on the blue folder icon under Image File and select the file downloaded in step 2
7. In the box to the right, select the drive letter that the microSD card appears as. This drive will have the volume label BOOT.
WARNING - Make sure you have selected the correct drive. If you select another drive, it will be permanently erased! It's recommended to remove all other removable storage devices before doing this.
8. Click Write to start the process
9. Once the writing is complete, close Win32DiskImager
10. Eject the microSD card, the drive's volume label will again be BOOT
11. Insert the card back into the camera
12. The camera should now boot properly, but the image will have vertical lines due to missing calibration. Calibration is not included with the image file as it is specific to each camera.
13. If you have backed up your calibration data, place that file onto the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB drive. If you have not backed up the data, email to request your calibration data, make sure to include your camera's serial number.
14. Go to the Util menu, then tap Restore Calibration data.
15. Change the resolution (to any value, even the same) or restart the camera to use the restored calibration.
16. Install the latest software update.