Affordable, professional highspeed cameras accessible to everyone.

The Chronos 1.4, 2.1-HD and 4K12 high-speed cameras offer an all-in-one, high-resolution, high framerate solution that empowers data analysis from some of the top R&D and Aerospace facilities, Universities, and Media Producers in the world.


High Framerate

2/3′′ format image sensor captures up to 40,413 Frames Per Second (FPS) at lower resolution.

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Affordable & Accessible

The balance between feature set and price makes the Chronos cameras the most affordable in the market. And they are available to order online and deliver within 7-10 days to most locations!


5" touchscreen

Internal Storage

8GB, 16GB, and 32GB RAM memory options allow between 3 and 16 second recording times (depending upon model). Store footage easily via the SD card slot.

8, 16, 32 GB

Recording Methods

Standard, Segmented, Running Record, Gated Burst and Live Slow Motion offer versatile image capture options for dynamic environments.

Standard Record

Records into the ring buffer. Once a trigger occurs, video can be reviewed and saved. Great for all applications.

Segmented Record

Video memory is divided into segments, each recording as in the Normal mode above. Number of segments is user selectable. Captures multiple observations. Ideal for R&D and Media Production Applications.

Running Record

Run-N-Gun mode for Chronos 1.4 & 2.1 is a segmented-buffer record mode that allows the camera to save a segment of video to external storage while another segment is being recorded.

Gated Burst
Gated Burst Record

Frames are captured while the trigger is active. Ideal for media production applications. Allows real-time active definition and pro-active user control. Ideal for media creation.

Live Slow Motion
Live Slow Motion Record

Continuously records a short slow-motion video and immediately plays it back, then repeats.

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Nikon F, Canon EF and C mounts available as field-swappable options.

FotodioX Nikon F Lens Adapter to C-Mount (G-Type)

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FotodioX Canon EF/EF-S Lens Adapter to C-Mount

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CS-C adapter (5mm Macro Ring)

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Micro Four Thirds Mount

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Image Sensor


High sensitivity ISO 500-8,000

More Features

Trigger Options

I/O ports enable synchronization and remote triggering remotely via cable, sound, and web-triggers.

Focus Peaking

Highlights edges for quick and clear focus with zebra lines help correct exposure.


Open source, REST-based Application Programming Interface (API) is included for integration into custom software or control environments.

High-Speed Cameras for Everyone

Affordable, professional high speed
cameras accessible to everyone.