Media Production | December 22, 2023

Are High-Speed Cameras Ideal for Content Creation?

Chronos high-speed cameras offer the functionality and resolution that content creators need to showcase their brand. Whether it is exploring product demonstrations or commercial promotion, Chronos cameras deliver the intended message with their excellent imaging capabilities.

Our cameras provide portability and ease of use. The recorded footage can be saved in compressed and uncompressed file formats to suit the different needs of the content to be produced. Moreover, footage can be captured at up to 1000 frames per second (FPS) at full resolution. Higher frame rates are possible as well at reduced frame size.

How Content Creators use Chronos Cameras

In the social media scene, Chronos cameras are currently in use by influential YouTubers, Content Creators on Instagram, and independent videographers, among other content creators.  The device allows these independent artists to push the boundaries of their creativity.

A look at their productions reveals beautiful details that would otherwise be concealed if recorded with a regular camera at 30 fps. An interesting application given to the Chronos cameras is shown by Lauri Vuohensilta on his YouTube channel Beyond the Press. In it, he presents several videos using a Chronos ring, a circular frame that contains multiple Chronos cameras. This allows him to record footage at 330,000 fps! The camera provides several triggering and file download options making it easy to synchronize and download the large data generated by all the cameras. Check some examples from his channel here:

Car Vs. 70 Detonators + Detonating Cord | Filmed with Chronos Ring
Oxy-Acetylene Explosions at 330 000 fps | Fastest High Speed Camera on Youtube!
Exploding CDs Filmed with Spinning Slow Motion Camera | 330 000 FPS!

The innovative design of the Chronos camera is unlike any other high-speed camera system on the market. The camera as well as its accompanying accessories are offered at a low price that fits the budget of independent videographers or individuals willing to try this interesting device. 

There is a wide array of accessories from lenses and lens mount adapters to trigger switches and high-speed lighting available at to suit your needs.

Chronos cameras ship fast and have ongoing customer technical support to ensure you have what you need when you need it.


  • Commercials / Advertising
  • Educational Videos 
  • Product Featurettes
  • Social Media Content
  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram Shorts


Content Creators:

Independent Videographers:

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