Product & Material Testing

High-speed Cameras for Product & Material Testing Chronos highspeed camera systems offer the portability, ease-of-use, and video quality required by Quality Control Departments and R&D Labs looking to test their products. Product testing is vital to the Quality Control process and capturing the details of drop and impact testing is effectively performed with highspeed cameras. … Read more

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics Slow-motion Captured on Chronos

High-Speed Cameras for Fluid Dynamics Physics and Engineering applications investigating Fluid Dynamics require reliable, high-resolution, high frame-rate capture of liquid and gas flow. Chronos high-speed cameras are relied on in labs around the world to capture hydrodynamic and aerodynamic events. The budget-friendly series is ideal for observing flow rate, predictive patterns, and aiding in modeling … Read more

Ballistics & Combustion

Ballistics & Combustion

High-speed Cameras for Ballistics & Combustion Chronos high-speed camera systems combine the high-resolution and framerates required to capture fast moving projectile launches during ballistics testing, and combustion analysis events. Capturing high-quality, precision video down to the millisecond is critical for detailed analysis of projectile launch and combustion analysis. From tracking emittance for safety testing and … Read more

Vibration Analysis

High-speed Cameras for Vibration Analysis Chronos high-speed camera systems offer the high-resolution and frame-rates that Vibration Analysis applications demand. When paired with measurement software, users can observe amplitude, intensity and frequency to gain valuable insight into equipment safety. Vibration Analysis companies around the world rely on Chronos cameras to observe their projects. Chronos all-in-one cameras … Read more