Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics Slow-motion Captured on Chronos

High-Speed Cameras for Fluid Dynamics Physics and Engineering applications investigating Fluid Dynamics require reliable, high-resolution, high frame-rate capture of liquid and gas flow. Chronos high-speed cameras are relied on in labs around the world to capture hydrodynamic and aerodynamic events. The budget-friendly series is ideal for observing flow rate, predictive patterns, and aiding in modeling … Read more

Advertising & Content Creation

High-speed Cameras for Content Creation Chronos high-speed cameras offer the functionality, resolution and ease-of-use that Content Creators need to share their brand. Whether it is exploring product demonstrations, commercial promotion, or capturing dramatic moments, Chronos was purpose-built to help content creators explore their imaginations. Chronos high-speed cameras are an all-in-one, high-resolution systems like no other. … Read more