Product & Material Testing

High-speed Cameras for Product & Material Testing Chronos highspeed camera systems offer the portability, ease-of-use, and video quality required by Quality Control Departments and R&D Labs looking to test their products. Product testing is vital to the Quality Control process and capturing the details of drop and impact testing is effectively performed with highspeed cameras. … Read more

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics Slow-motion Captured on Chronos

High-Speed Cameras for Fluid Dynamics Physics and Engineering applications investigating Fluid Dynamics require reliable, high-resolution, high frame-rate capture of liquid and gas flow. Chronos high-speed cameras are relied on in labs around the world to capture hydrodynamic and aerodynamic events. The budget-friendly series is ideal for observing flow rate, predictive patterns, and aiding in modeling … Read more

Ballistics & Combustion

Ballistics & Combustion

High-speed Cameras for Ballistics & Combustion Chronos high-speed camera systems combine the high-resolution and framerates required to capture fast moving projectile launches during ballistics testing, and combustion analysis events. Capturing high-quality, precision video down to the millisecond is critical for detailed analysis of projectile launch and combustion analysis. From tracking emittance for safety testing and … Read more