About Us

Kron Technologies Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the industry-leading Chronos High-Speed cameras.

What Drives Us


Make high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.


Provide state-of-the-art products for an excellent user experience, at a fair price, with the best possible quality and customer service.

Affordable High-Speed Cameras for Everyone

Kron Technologies Inc. is a Canadian high-speed imaging system design and manufacturing company, located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Area (British Columbia). Kron was founded by owner and visionary Designer David Kronstein who wanted to make high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.

When David was an engineering student in 2006, he was fascinated by the slow-motion imagery captured by Mythbusters and similar TV shows. David searched for a high-speed camera for his own projects and soon discovered that high-speed meant a high price tag. Frustrated with the lack of affordable options, he embarked on the journey of creating his own high-speed capture camera from scratch.

We are a company centered around the principles of making the world of high-speed imaging available to everyone from Researchers to Media Creators in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, advertising, and environmental sciences.

Our focus is providing a self-contained, fully-featured product at an affordable price. Our cameras feature open-source software and constantly evolve as we work closely with our partners to improve the feature set and versatility.

Chronos cameras are designed, produced, and tested in-house at our Canadian headquarters, and available direct and through distribution to markets worldwide.

High-speed camera mounted on video camera

Looking for a career in high-speed imaging?

Multiple high-speed Chronos cameras mounted on a metal frame